<aside> 👀 Welcome! This is an ongoing open-source app design project for direct individual activism.

The Action is a tool designed to empower individuals, organizations, and communities.

Its goal is to help us document, measure, and repeat the work of activism.


The Action is an app to help volunteers and activists apply their passion, resources, and skills to work directly on the problems most important to them.

Relational organizing and grassroots are critical to how communities of activists make an impact. Black leaders have been practicing both for years, and it works. The Action does not replace time-tested organizing techniques—it allows decentralized communities to collaborate on shared goals.

We make the assumption that people already belong to communities where they hold sway. The Action is a tool to help an individual activate members of their existing communities to do positive work.

What are we solving for?

Organizing software is typically sold to political groups. This builds a wall between "organizers" and "volunteers" that shouldn't exist.

The Action is free, and everyone has agency to define their actions and share their work.

The most skilled and resourceful activists spend the most time planning. Too often, the people who show up to help find themselves planning work for others instead of doing it.

The Action eliminates hierarchical decision making and gives activists the tools they need to make decisions in the field.

Distributed activism is taught by experience and word of mouth: there is no one source of institutional knowledge, and no instruction manual.

The Action helps activists document and open-source their efforts.



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<aside> 🌎 It's always the ones you know. Networks spread movements.


<aside> 💪 Our time is important. Working toward shared goals has value.


<aside> 💸 Accessibility is imperative. No one pays for participation.


<aside> 🗣️ Sometimes healing is the action. Make space for bonding and community.